Travel Routes

Of course, everybody has their own way of traveling and their own preferences.  Some people just want lie-down at the beach and relax with a mojito in their hands. Others want to discover nature and hike and others want to visit all the museums. There are some people who want to dance salsa and go to as many clubs as possible and there are those people who want a mixture of all.
In series of posts, I will publish some possible travel routes for everyone and for different time periods.
  1. One Week: Havana and some nature 
  2. Ten days: Culture and Beach
  3. Two Weeks: A general overview
  4. Three Weeks: Getting a better picture
  5. Four Weeks: All around the Island
  6. 7 Days in Havana
Trips with special a focus:
  1. Nature and as little civilization as possible
  2. History and Art
  3. Diving spots
  4. Cuba by Bike
  5. Beach as much as possible
  6. Just dance