About this blog:


This Blog is created for travelers of any kind, that what to come Cuba to get to know the Island and discover Cuban culture.
Here you can find tips and tricks to move around the Island. We will help you to prepare your trip and offer useful articles about anything that matters for traveling Havana and Cuba.
I started tours a different kind in Havana and I am organizing trips for all kind of people, so I learned quite a lot about traveling in Cuba and what is important to know. Of I also learned from my own trips.
it is meant to be an interactive virtual guide, so feel free to ask and comment and contact us.

About Me

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My name is Ines and I live in Havana. Originally I am from Germany and have german-romanian roots.
When I was 17 I made my first trip to Havana and fell in love with the city and the cuban culture. Since then I came back many times and spent many months in Havana.
Then, I moved here. I now live in Havana quite a time, together with my boyfriend.
In 2015 I started Indie-Tours to show an authentic Havana to tourists and travelers. To share the beauty and weird things about the City and to help people to get along to see place beyond typical touristic areas.