A Ride in Classic Car in Havana

Havana is famous for a lot of things, one of them, maybe the most famous one is the old cars. They belong to the city like the Capitolio or the Malecón. The classic cars come in all shapes, colors, and conditions.
For most of the tourists it is something unique and special, for the Habaneros it is a part of everyday life and their normal transportation.
While you are in Havana you will discover that there are many types of those classic cars. The ones you see most look less shiny and changed a lot over the years.
Those are the most frequented taxis by locals. They have their fixed routes in the city and people just hop on on the way, they work a little like buses. Most of those cars have new engines and many parts from all kinds of cars. What’s left classical is the outside. It doesn’t make it less fun though. You will notice that every route taxi is different and every ride can be a small adventure.
Also, it is a rather cheap way to get around in the city.
Then there are those classic cars, that really deserve to be called classical. They look shiny on the outside, usually also on the inside and they still have their original pieces. They usually are used as taxis and have a license to transport tourists as well. The rides are a little more expensive because they also consume a lot of fuel. But if you want to travel in time or just feel the classic car vide for a bit, it is definitely worth it!
Another famous type of cars are the convertibles. Almost in any book about Havana, there is at least one picture of a convertible car. The colorful cars are used by tourist to take a tour around Havana and by locals to take wedding pictures and drive around on their wedding day. There are some really nice convertibles, but careful not all of them are original, some were converted into convertibles later by cutting the roof off. But there are still some gems, original Cadillacs and much more, left with their engine and sometimes even the seats are original.
They charge for a city tour from 35-50 CUC per hour, but that is maybe an experience you will just get in Havana.
But please do not ignore the Sun and take those tours in the late afternoon or in the morning, or wear a hat!
Enjoy your ride!

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