February 14th in Cuba

Everybody knows that day, some love it, some fear it and some people hate it. All around the world, this day is connected to a lot of pressure and money spending for your loved ones.

As in other countries, in Cuba people also celebrate Valentine’s day, but it’s called differently. February 14th in Cuba is the “Día de los Enamorados “or also the “día de la amistad”, so it’s the day for loved ones and also the day of friendship. And believe me, people take this celebration seriously!

So here are some tips for Valentines Day in Cuba:

If you want to eat out that day, make a reservation or eat early. Streets, especially in Havana are packed that day!  Everybody goes out with their partner, date or just a group of friends. Outside of restaurants and cafeterías, there are queues and every place has their own special offer for that day.

check some of them out at A la Mesa.

If you hate Valentines Day, stay in or get a bottle of Rum and make new friends at the Malecón.

If you want to take somebody out to impress him or her, here are some ideas for:



or Dancing or Music

Also, you can just go out wandering the streets and watch what the others do!

It’s going to be a unique February 14th that’s for sure! IMG_0024.JPG



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