Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks, you guys for reading and following!

Or better to say FELICIDADES!

Cuba, as every country has their own Christmas traditions and especially for New Year’s Eve, people gather around with their families and share the last week of the year with them.

On the 24. in Cuba people celebrate Nochebuena and on New Years Eve people meet again to celebrate the end of the year with their families.

Important for both days is the food! People start preparing early to have all the stuff together for the big celebration and everybody ships in to buy “carne puerco” (pork), Yuca (Maniok) and all the other food for the big dinner!

Christmas is less about religion and presents since the revolution but some people still celebrate and have a small Christmas tree made of plastic, usually with a colorful decoration. The decoration got more popular over the years and if you happen to be in Cuba around Christmas you will see a lot of lights and inflatable Santas.

These Days are dedicated to the loved ones.

So hopefully you have a nice Christmas, maybe even in Cuba!

Merry Christmas and Felicidades to all of you!




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