Tips for the Peak Season in Cuba

Now after the days of mourn and the funeral Havana and Cuba are heading back to normal again and so is tourism.

So don’t worry you will be able to buy rum and have drinks again.

And speaking of tourism, it’s also the beginning of peak season in Cuba! So there will be a lot of travelers and tourist, but also Cubans and families from all over the world visiting their loved ones on the island. SO prepare for things to get crowded.

Usually traveling around Cuba is not a problem at all, Bnb owners send you from one “casa” to another and might also reserve the transport for you. Usually, there is not much planning needed.

For the December and January, I suggest you reserve some places early. Especially in Viñales, which got so booked out last season that people had to sleep in parks. If you don’t mind that, you’re fine though!

If you plan to rent a car, you should also plan ahead, because family members from abroad tend to rent most of them in that season, so they disappear fast. If you want to take the Viazul buses, you should maybe plan that as well, but usually, there are more taxis that just charge a little more and take you to your bnb or hotel directly.

If you plan to have a big party on New Year’s Eve, be aware that in Cuba usually people celebrate this holiday with their families, so there is not so much going on on the streets. If you do look for a party you should probably be in Havana that day, because there are more and more clubs and bars offering specials and parties.

Overall the time around Christmas and New Years is a great time to be in Cuba and experience a different kind of holiday season!




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