Cuba on a Budget Part 2 

This is the second post about traveling in Cuba on a Budget. As I mentioned in the first post, before you travel to Cuba on a tight budget you should be aware that tourism is the main income of the country and it’s still not really prepared for backpackers and travelers. But don’t worry! That doesn’t mean there are no ways to travel cheap or at least to safe money on the way, for example on food or accommodation by not traveling alone!

But there is more: 


Unfortunately there is a big difference in prices for tourists and for locals, that means Cubans or foreigners with a residence. If you stay for longer you should consider a language course to get an ID card and safe on transportation and entrances. 

If you stay for shorter periods you can also try to take the local buses like ASTRO or to travel with a Camion. Those are trucks that are transformed to transport passengers or just ordinary trucks that have some space left and take passengers standing from one place to another.

It’s not the most comfortable way to travel, but it is an interesting way.

You just have to know that the driver could possibly have to pay a retribution if he get caught taking a tourist with him. So maybe they don’t like to take tourists with them. You could think about offering to pay the amount for him.  

Hitchhiking is also a possible and common way to travel around Cuba, you just have to stand under a bridge or somewhere in the shade. Believe me that is an useful advice! 

You could also think about a trip by bike! That safes you the prices for transportation around Cuba. 

More about traveling Cuba on a budget coming soon… 


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