Cuba by Bike

Biking around Cuba is a great way to get to know the Island and it’s people and culture. Why not getting to know the place this way? You are slower and less isolated than in a rented car or in a Víazul bus. In that way, you have more contact with the people and might even need their help from time to time. By bike, you have the opportunity to see small villages and secret beaches.
As the roads are not that busy in Cuba you could even bike on the “carretera nacional”, national highway.
There are several routes that are interesting to do by bike or by bike combined with other transports. There are also some things you should plan and bring if you plan to travel around by bike.
Great and interesting tours can be done all over the island. One really nice one is biking around the west of Cuba, along to tobacco plantations and beaches with white sand. Generally, it’s possible to do all the routes also by bike or combined by bike and bus.
Some ideas you could get from the routes section in the blog.

There are some things you should think about before you start your bike trip around Cuba.
First of all: Should you bring your own bike or rent one when you get here?
That depends on you. There are services like Cuba Ruta Bikes, that organize bike vacations in Cuba and also rent bikes and offer guided tours. That’s a great opportunity by the way because you don’t have to plan your trip yourself and always have someday who knows the best ways and can explain you a lot.

If that’s no option for you and you love your bike, bring it! It’s not complicated to bring bikes to Cuba. Check with your Airline first, most of them, like Air Berlin or Air Canada offer to transport bikes for an additional cost, (usually about 100-150 $). Some Airlines, like Virgin Airlines already include the bike transport in the ticket price.

You also should bring the necessary tools, in case you’ll need them. You could also get help in a local “poncheria”, shops for repairing cars and tires, but it’s helpful to have special tools and tires because they might not have it here. You also should bring a helmet, a light, and a great lock.
Cuba is not a criminal place, but there are just a few good bikes, so they are a popular thing to be stolen. Make sure to lock them up!

Most of the Casas Particulares, have space to store the bikes inside overnight.

If you decide to make your trip by bike, you start early in the morning because of the sun and the heat. Make also sure you bring something against mosquitos and that you drink enough water!
For more tips and info about biking in Cuba:



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