El Ojo del Ciclon

The Ojo del Ciclon (Eye of The Hurricane) is a unique space in Habana Vieja, that is worth a visit or more. The Gallery, Studio, and Place to hang out and meet people, is located in Habana Vieja, just one street from the main shopping and touristic street Obispo. But inside you feel like being in a completely different world. Surrounded by art and music or voice recording, that creates a special environment. In the Ojo del Ciclon Leo D’Lazaro, the artist works and created a cultural and welcoming spot in Havana. His paintings, collages, and sculptures are unique and full of Ideas. His work is inspired by what surrounds him, his friends, his family and everyday life. In paintings and collages, he works with colors lice ocher or sepia and puts painting and photos together. dsc00282

His sculptures are often made out of recycled materials and have some kind and purpose.

One of them is a table football, he created, that actually is used by the friends and visitors of the gallery. They also do parties and activities there. Every Wednesday, for example, you could be part of their private Tango lessons and Milonga. They also exhibit Art of other Cuban artists and are happy to tell you everything about it!

So include a visit, you won’t regret it!
The Adress: O’Reilly No. 501 Esq. Villegas, Habana Vieja

For more Information visit: http://leodlazaro.blogspot.com or http://www.cuban-artist.com


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