Museo de la Revolución 

In Havana, there are many museums. Some are more, some less interesting. Some like Bellas Artes, show art and impress by there big collections, others are interesting because of their idea. And others because they tell us about Cuban history and culture. The Revolution museum is a place you should visit if you are interested in Cubas history.

Not just because of the exhibition, that shows you a different perspective on the Cuban revolution as you might be used to hear, but also because of the building.

The museum is inside the Palacio Presidencial in Old Havana. Built-in 1920 by the president Menocal, the palace impresses by its architecture and interior. Filled with luxury brought from Europe and from Tiffany’s from New York.

In the back of the former presidential palace, as part of the exhibition you can see the Granma, the ship that brought the rebels from Mexico to Cuba.
There is a lot to read in the exhibition about the revolution. The texts are in English and Spanish.

The museum is open from 9 am until 4 pm, closed on Mondays. Some parts are still being repaired so it might be that you cannot access some parts of the exhibition.

The entrance is 5 CUC.  It’s an interesting experience and makes you learn and understand some things better.
The museum is located right behind Bellas Artes

The Adress: Calle Refugio No. 1 e/ Zulueta y Ave. de Las Misiones, La Habana Vieja.

Telf.: (537) 862 4093


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