María Teresa González or Maytego is a self-thought artist from Havana that works mainly with linoleum printing.

In her work, she expresses feminism, Cuban culture, and Afro-Cuban culture and portraits her view of the city of Havana. Her paintings are diverse and interesting and any one of them is unique and has a story to tell.

Because of the difficulties to get raw materials in Cuba, Maytego makes the paper for her work out of recycled newspapers and anything else that could be useful.

She did personal and collective exhibitions in Cuba and all over the world. She participated, for example in exhibitions in the USA, Mexico, Spain, Great Britain and many other countries.

But never lost touch with her culture and city of Havana. Maytegos painting of Havana give us a different perspective but still let us see the magic of the city and her typical characteristics.

Currently, she is working from her home in Old Havana. Maytego is friendly and open and keen to explain her work and the story behind each painting. Her work won prices awards in Cuba and other countries. She also participated in book illustrations and other publications.

If you want to take a unique piece of art home from Cuba you should have a look at Maytegos pieces and get to know her. She is giving her art a piece of her soul.

some of Maytego’s art work


If you want to get in touch with the artist you can contact her through: or


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