Learning Spanish in Cuba 

In Cuba there are a lot of opportunities to study, to do cultural and language courses. Those courses can be a great opportunity to learn more about the island and its culture. Also if you want to do a Spanish course and learn the language in Cuba you have several options. You can learn a language and more about the culture from well-trained teachers.

There are several agencies that organize language courses for shorter periods. Like Sprachcafé and Villa Latina. But there are options to spend more than one month learning Spanish here at one of the Universities. Those courses also give you the option to get a student ID card which allows you to take transportations for Cubans and pay entrances in CUP.

Most common are courses from the University of Havana, that are a good option for crash and intensive courses that offer lessons every day.

But there are less expensive and more time flexible options. One example is the ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte), the art school is located in Havana in Playa and is build on an old golf course with impressive architecture and artwork.

The “departmento de estudios lingüísticos” offers courses for different levels. The courses take place two times a week, each three hours long and they are usually ten weeks long and cost from 150CUC to 260 CUC per course. You will finish the course if an exam and a certificate.

There are also quite inexpensive lessons from private teachers if you don’t need an ID card or a certificate.

If you need some contacts don’t hesitate to contact me and I will help you to find the most stable course for you.


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