Cuba’s size could be irritating 

Cuba is bigger than most people think! Ok, yes it’s a Caribbean island but it’s bigger than most of them. Cuba has a surface of 110.861km2 and the distance from North to South is around 150km and from East to West about 1250 km. Might look small compared to big countries but those distances, in reality, seem longer.

Why? The streets in Cuba a not really good, even the highways. That’s because trips from one place to another are longer than you expect them to be. With holes in the streets and a speed limit of 110 km/h traveling in Cuba takes time. That’s the reason why I recommend not to plan too much for the time you are here because you will have to spend a lot of time on bumpy streets passing by bikes and carriages on the road.

If you travel by the Viazul bus trips usually take longer than by car because it also stops more and is a little slower. So that’s why sometimes trips from one city to another seem really long but really short when you just see the number of the distance.

It’s not too bad though but you should think about the size of the country and roads when you plan your trip.


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