Have Some Cuban Rum 

Rum is one of the things almost everybody wants to take home. It’s a part of Cuban culture and one of the best know products made here with great tradition and quality and yes, it’s cheaper than in most countries.
There are several brands besides the famous Havana Club that are worth trying and taking back home after a holiday in Cuba.

Rum is produced in Cuba since the 17th century. Rum is called the happy son if the sugar cane and is part the culture. Whether in the Santería religion or just in common life and parties rum is present. Tradition has it that when you open a bottle to pour some on the floor for the saints.

The most famous brand the Havana Club is produced since 1878. But there other famous brands like the Ron Legenadario, Varadero, Santiago, Santero or the special Guayabita de Pinar.

The time the rum rests in the barrel makes the difference in quality and price. The youngest rums are used to prepare cocktails and the older ones are taken on ice or just pure.

The 7-year-old Havanna Club is a common choice. But if you want to take home something special try the Guayabita de Pinar which has a special flavor and is not available in other countries. It has a small guava inside. Another great choice is the Ron Santiago which is produced in the former Barcadí factory in Santiago de Cuba and especially the 15-year-old.

You can also just try them out until you find your personal favorite.


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