Watching Flamingos in Guanaroca

About 11 km from the town Cienfuegos, there is a unique place, the lagune of Guanaroca. You can pass by on your way to the beach Rancho Luna or combine it with a visit to the botanical garden. In Guanaraco you can see flamingos in a beautiful lagoon. It’s a protected area of 3000ha and home to a colony of 2000 of the pink birds. According to an old Indian legend that’s the place where the moon and the earth melt together.

It’s a beautiful area which is home to not only flamingos but 130 bird species, turtles, manatees and 20 species of plants that are close to extinction.

In the lagune, you can take a boat tour with a hiking trip to discover the national park. ( about 5 CUC)

It’s a great way to discover nature and some different sight in Cuba.

You can go there by bike or hire a Taxi it’s worth a visit.


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