Trinidad is a town in the central south coast of Cuba. It’s quite small, over 500 years old and quite colorful. Trinidad is like a big open-air museum and if you walk through the center of it you feel that. Over the years Trinidad turned into one of the biggest tourist attractions in Cuba.
The colonial town offers a lot of museums, places to eat and drink (each place with its own band), places to dance and to shop.
Trinidad was founded around 1514 and is the third oldest town in Cuba and pretty well preserved.
There you can get a great idea of what a colonial town looked like back in the days. Trinidad got rich because of sugar and trading of slaves.
The history of the town can be discovered in various museums. One of them the “Museo de Historia Municipal”, also called “Palacio Cantero” which was built in 1830 and is very well preserved. There you can get an idea of what houses of the upper class looked like and get a nice view of the city from a tower that belongs to the house.
The entrance costs 2 CUC and 2 CUP for Cubans and residents.
From Trinidad, you also have many options to do excursions around in the Escambray mountains or to the beaches.
As Trinidad has many tourists there is also a lot of nightlife and salsa dancing. Two of the most famous locations are the “casa de la musica”, open air on one of the main squares, and the “Disco Ayala” which is a little outside of the city inside a cave.
Make sure you try the cocktail Chanchánchara, which is typical for the town.
I also recommend to take a bike and visit La Boca and the beaches around Trinidad.
As Trinidad turned into a really touristic hotspot, there are a lot of scams and prices are quite expensive compared to other places in Cuba.
Trinidad can be also visited on a day trip from Cienfuegos.
I usually don’t recommend to stay too long in Trinidad as it can be exhausting and as I mentioned the city turned into a museum and sadly there are just a few natural things left about it. But it is beautiful.

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