Couchsurfing in Cuba?

Couchsurfing is a great platform and travel network. I really like the Idea and the concept of it and met great people from all over the world through the website.
It also seems to help a lot of people, visiting Cuba to find help for their trip, getting contact with locals and so and so on.
But some things are a little special about couch surfing in Cuba.
First of all, again, the Internet, so be calm when your questions, request etc cannot be answered the same day. But don’t worry people answer.
Also,  especially Havana has an active couch surfing scene with meetings almost every week. So don’t hesitate to make contacts before coming and meeting new people in Havana.
The other special thing about couch surfing in Cuba is, that hosting does not really work like in other countries.
Tourists are just allowed to stay in houses with a special permit to host to foreigners. Those Casas Particulares can be identified by the blue symbol.
In the post Where to stay in Havana and Cuba, I recommended some and explained how it works.
So I apologize I would host a lot of couch surfers but I can’t. There is the possibility to get a permit once a year for foreign visitors, but it’s just once a year and most people have family and friends abroad…
I highly recommend asking local couch surfers for recommendations, because some of them rent or have friends that rent to tourists and they can send you to a great place.
I usually do it like this and so far everybody was happy. So don’t let that complicate your couch surfing experience in Cuba.

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