Some things you should prepare for a trip to Cuba

There are several things you should check before traveling to Cuba to make your trip easier and less stressfull. You don’t have to prepare too much but you should be aware of some things.
One of them is Communication, especially the Internet connection. So it is useful to download some apps before you come and if you really depend on mobile internet check your roaming fees.
Money is also a big issue for many travelers, that provokes unnecessary trouble.
So before you come to Cuba check that you bring enough cash or have a working credit card.
I recommend to bring Euros if you have to decide between bringing euros or dollars. If you need to chance US-Dollars remember that there  still applies a 10% surcharge.
There still is problem with credit cards from some US-banks.
Also if you are not from the USA you should check if that applies to your bank.
Besides that you can withdraw money easily from the ATM. Visa cards are working almost everywhere, master cards just at some ATMS. Make sure the ATM has CUC as you can’t withdraw CUP with an international credit card.
Another thing you should have before traveling to Cuba is a travel insurance, as you need an health insurance to travel to Cuba. You can get one at the airport, but it might be more expensive. Especially if you need to extend your visa you will have to show it at the migration.
It’s helpful to have a Spanish version of your papers.
To enter the country you also need a Tourist Card or a Visa, if you are an US citizen. The tourist Card is easy to get at travel agencies, online or at the airport. At Cancun airport you can get one at the check-in desks of Interjet or Aeromexico. To be sure ask your airline before coming to Cuba.
If you want to be really well prepared I also posted an optional packing list.
Make sure to bring sunscreen and something against mosquito bites.
Also, if you love planing and that everything works according to your plan, you should prepare yourself mentally for last minute changes etc..
Some things work differently in Cuba.

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