Three Weeks, getting a better picture

Three weeks is a great time to discover a little more of Cuba  and to relax, well to just enjoy your time off.
There are several routes, that are recommendable for a period of three weeks. One, for example, could be flying to a city in the east and travel through the island until Havana,or the other way round.
I will recommend one that starts and ends in Havana, because most travelers fly to and from here. There will be another post of different routes from different starting points. This plan is one with a lot of moving an a lot of destinations.
For three weeks you could also amplify the two weeks post a little and include stops in Varadero and other locations.
Some of the things you can do in the different locations are in other posts, so just follow the links.

Day One – Day Three  

Arriving and spending some time in Havana. On this route I recommend to spend more days in Havana in the end than in the beginning. After seeing different parts of Cuba before the city will seem more attractive, without jet lag and so on.
So spend some days in Havana at the beginning and than come back.
As always I recommend to stay in the Vedado neighborhood.

Day Three – Day Five 

Go to Viñales and discover the nature and the tobacco fields. On your way there I recommend to visit Soroa. In Viñales you can think about staying one more day and make an excursion to one of the keys, like Cayo Levisa or Cayo Jutías.

Day Five – Day Nine 

Go to Cienfuegos. If the trip is to long from Viñales to Cienfuegos you can think about spending a Day in Playa Girón (The Bay of Pigs) and catch a day on the beach before leaving to Cienfuegos.

Day Nine- Day Eleven 

From Cienfuegos it’s just a short ride to colonial town Trinidad. In Trinidad you can learn a lot about colonial buildings and scams, so be aware. For the nights I recommend the Casa de La Musica, wich is open air and offers traditional music shows, or the nightclub in the Cave close to Trinidad. Every taxi driver will know where it is.

Day Eleven- Day Twelve

Make a stop in Camagüey and rest a little. After spending one night there most people have enough so take off to real east of Cuba.

Day Twelve – Day Fourteen

Visit Holguín and the beach Guardalavaca. Around Holguín there are some of nicest beaches in Cuba with white sand and clean water. The town is the cultural centre of eastern Cuba.

Day Fourteen- Day Sixteen

After Holguín make your way to Santiago the Cuba to visit the second biggest city in Cuba. Santiago is the home of Afro Cuban culture and a lot of music and completely different to cities in Western Cuban.
There you visit “El Cobre”, home of the Virgin and national Saint and a place for many pilgrims.
After your stay take the night bus back to Havana. Of course you can vary the duration of your stays in the different cities.

Day Seventeen- Day Twenty-one

Back in Havana you can enjoy the city a few days before you leave Cuba. In the Category Havana in this blog you can find some tips for the Capital.
Also if you fancy a tour or need help with Casas in Cuba or transport. Just “get in touch”.

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