The Film Festival in Havana

Every year in December Havana celebrates one of my favorite cultural activities in the city: The international Film Festival.
For ten days it’s all about movies, pop corn and everything that has to do with cinema.
Directors and actors come to Havana to present their new films and all meet in the Hotel Nacional and attend other movies. Also the city offers a lot of events linked to the Festival, the Fabrica de Arte Cubano for example opens it doors every day while the festival is on. Some bars have special offers or concerts during that time.
The streets, better to say 23rd Street fills up with people from all over the world going from one movie theatre to another, analyzing and arguing about the films they just saw.
People are waiting in lines for the movie to start and sometimes they have the chance to attend a world premier.
If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t worry movies are showed in their original language and most of the Cuban and Latin American films have english subtitles.
The best thing about ist is, the festival is inexpensive. You can get a passport for 10 CUP and watch seven movies with that, your see one movie with seven people, or 3 movies with two people and one alone, well you get the idea…
or just buy one ticket for 2 CUP, but be aware that lines can be longer or you have to queue up twice.
There are movies starting from 10 am until 10 pm. You can attend documentaries, short films, dramas, comedies, since fiction and almost every genre you can imagine.
So if you come to Havana in December make sure to be part of the Film Festival.

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