When is the Best Time to Visit Cuba?

Cuba is an attractive destination during the whole year. Warm temperatures and cultural events are present almost all the time.
Most of the visitors choose the less hot and drier seasons for their visit. That’s from November to April.
The climate is warm, but not as hot as in August and the summer months and also less humid and rainy. That makes those months also the high season. So be aware that some hotels, casas, and activities may cost a little more and rental cars are harder to get.
Make sure to reserve the cars in advance.
In July and August Cubans are on holiday too, so don’t wonder if beaches are full of people. During holidays like Christmas or Easter, the cities are also quite full and family visitors come from all over the world to be with their loved ones.
In February the temperatures can get quite low, well low for a Caribbean Island. Houses are not well prepared for low temperatures, so make sure to bring some warm clothes if you come during winter.
But all times have some appeal for visitors like festivals, nice warm water, fewer people, more people and so on…
Just in Havana, you could be here for the film festival or the international book fair. In Remedios you could attend the famous “Parrandas” in December. And during the summer months, you can join Cubans for music festivals and activities all over the island. Different regions celebrate Carnivals at different times of the year and some regions have a different appeal when it’s colder or hotter.
In Viñales it’s nice to be before the tobacco is harvested to still see the plants and if you like Mangos you should come in summer to eat the best ones.
So there’s a different season which is best for everyone. Find out yours!

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