Cuba in Movies

A really interesting part of Cuban culture is the Art that is produced here. Besides paintings, sculptures, theatre, and music, Cuban movies are a big part of the culture.
They reflect life and society, problems and humor of Cuban everyday life.
I am going to recommend some classics and modern Cuban movies you should see before or after your trip to Cuba.
Some of them explain aspects of Cuban life the best and at the same time entertain you.
You also should include a visit to Cuban cinema on your trip. Especially in Havana, there are a lot and some of them are leftovers from the 50ies with newer technologies. Seeing a movie costs just 2 CUP. Some of the Cuban movies have English subtitles and foreign movies are showed in the original language.
If you are lucky to be here in December make sure to attend some movies. You won’t regret it.
Some of the Cuban Movies helping to understand Cuba:
Fresa y Chocolate 
This movie, by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, was nominated for an Oscar in the 90ies and is quite important for the dialog about homosexuality in Cuba.
It’s about a University student getting to know Diego, who is a homosexual and building a friendship.
There are a lot of aspects and critics discussed in the film.
Places to visit that appear in the movie:
La Guarida (Restaurant in the Apartment the Movie was shot)
Vampiros en La Habana 
Vampiros en La Habana is really entertaining movies, well about Vampires in Havana. But it’s not at all like Twilight, though it has everything Vampires, Musik, Love, Mafia and a lot of Cuban. It’s an animated movie by Juan Padrón who also created Epidio Valdés, one of the most famous cartoons in Cuba.
Habana Blues 
This movie from 2009 is a great movie about Cuban alternative music and the struggle to get successful with their music. It also shows a lot of aspects on the struggle and joy of everyday life in Cuba.
More coming up…

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