Souvenir Shopping


If you are going on a trip to Cuba and want to take home Souvenirs or Art, an humidor, rum or handmade soaps made with Cuban products like coconut or coffee, you should visit the Arts and Crafts market in the port of Havana.
In an old warehouse in Havana Vieja you can find probably the biggest place to buy jewelry ans arts and crafts in Cuba.
You also can try a Piña Colada mixed in the same pineapple or try coconut water, with or without rum. If you feel like, you could also visit a fortune teller or change your hairstyle. But mostly you can shop.
I must admit that many products might repeat themselves and look like cheap copies of one and the same painting, shirt or bracelet. But if you stay focused and keep looking you can find great paintings, with creative motives and techniques and a little different souvenirs.
One example are the handmade soaps from Sandra Lidice Aldama. Her shop D’Brujas can be find at the first isle at the back. This is the only shop of its kind in Cuba and they just use natural products. The soaps come in different shapes and with different fragrances, my personal favorites are coffee and red wine.
In terms of art there are many copies of the same painting with and old american car and a Havana street scene, but if you keep looking you can find many different styles and motives.
A really nice idea is Nancy Vidal Sanchez’ and her friend’s and family’s stand. Different artists using a print technique sell their work on the same stand and with the same prices. They used typical cuban motives and personal creative ones and different shapes and sized. The good thing about it is, that they make great offers and you take home different pieces for a small price.
Nice are the small bookmarkshaped pieces to bring them as gift to family and friends at home.
If you are not into shopping at all and hate buying souvenirs you should go there nevertheless. That’s because right next to the Fería San José, there is a brewery offering great beer and some food with a view on the bay.
Brewery in old wood and cigars warehouse

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