Bellas Artes

Havana has a lot of museums with all kinds of themes and exhibitions. Some are motor interesting and worth a visit than other, some are hidden and others are just a must see on your trip to Havana. 

One of them is the museum Bellas Artes. If you are into art you should not miss it. 

The museum is art museum that has a Cuban and an international part with different exhibitions. The Cuban section takes you on a journey through Cuban Art from the colonial times until now. 

 It divides up into four sections: Art from the Colonial Period (16th to 19th century), Art from the turn of the Century (1894-1927) , Modern Art section and the Contemporary Art section which is mainly dedicated to the 1960’s. 

The pieces are selected very well and the museum is to spend almost a day if you take a reasonable time in the different sections. The pieces also help to understand Cuban history and society during the centuries. 

The building itself is quite interesting and it also has a small theater where different artists make concerts, especially on weekends. 

Most of them are jazz artists but you can find electronic or pop music as well. 
The museum is open: 

Tuesday – Saturday : 9.00 am- 5.00 pm 

Sunday : 10.00 am- 2.00 pm 
The entrance costs 5 CUC for tourist and 5 CUP for Cubans and residents. 

There is also the possibility to take a guided tour through the museums and let the staff explain the exhibitions and permanent collections to you. 

Bellas Artes is located in : Calle Trocadero e/ Zulueta y Monserrate, La Habana Vieja Telf.: (537) 861 0241



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