María La Gorda

The Beach María la Gorda in the west of Cuba is famous for nature fans and scuba divers. If you want to surround yourself with nature and natural beaches with crystal clear water and white sand you will love it there.
The Peninsula of Guanahacabibes is located in the extreme West of the Provice Pinar del Río.
The Beach María La Gorda is paradise for divers and snorkelers. In the summer you can also widnes the birth of sea turtles in north of the peninsula and in march there are a few days that you could watch the crabs moving to sea. The second event is a little less pleasant but still interesting.
You will also have to be aware that the only ways to stay in Guanahacabibes are the Hotel in María la Gorda and some Casas Particulares in a small village called “La Bajada”.
I highly recommend to reserve something in advance. Going with your own transportation is also recommendable, to move around there more easily.
To make the stay and the way there and back easier I recommend to go there from Viñales or the city of Pinar del Rio and heading back to one of the two before going all the way to Havana.
In la Baja there is nothing to buy and no gas station, no bank and no ATM. So be prepared for that. The people working in the Casas prepare Dinner and Breakfast, so you won’t have to starve.
In my opinion the best way is going there by bike or taking a bike to move around and explore the interesting nature and to find a beach just for you alone.
The best time to go would be summer and autumn.

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