Mobile Phones in Cuba?

I already mentioned the Internet in Cuba and its different online environment.
So please keep that in mind if you want to get a Cuban cell phone number, because you won’t be able to use a mobile internet connection because there is none.
But if you want to text and call, since some months you can get a Cuban sim card, also as a tourist. If you are traveling a long time around the island, or stay for a longer time it could be useful.
If you are just staying for a few days or a short time, I would think about it.
The cost of a new number and sim card ist 40 CUC, of wich you get 10 CUC as credit.
One person can get up to three sim cards.
To get it you need to go to a ETECSA- office and ask for “sacar una linea” (get a ‘line’,  sim card). When you queue up outside the ETECSA you have to ask for the last person, as always. Make sure to ask for “ el ultimo para cubacel” (the last one for Cubacel, wich are all mobile based issues), to not mix up with other lines.
Make sure to bring your original passport, not a copy, and there you go.
There is also the possibility to rent a sim card, wich costs 3 CUC per day.
All sim cards in Cuba are pre paid cards, so you have to charge them with new credit. You can get cards with credits from the ETECSA or private people that sell them. Those usually have signs that say “agente de telecomunicaciones” outside their houses, so you will find them easily.
Once a month there is also the possibility to recharge your phone with 23CUCs and get 30 as a bonus to use within one month.

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