How to extend the Tourist Visa in Cuba?


To enter Cuba you need a so called Tourist Card, wich you can get at travel agencies or airports before you travel to Cuba. It costs usually around 20$ depending on where you get from.

At the Interjet or Aero Mexico desk at the airport in Cancún you can get the card for 20USD or 300 Mexican Pesos. Air Canada also hands the Tourist Card out on it’s flights from Toronto.

You also have the option to buy it from tour agencies like islands-and-more from Germany. The price may vary, depending on the agencies or airline.
Sometimes you have to write down the address of the first Hotel or Casa Particular you are going to stay in.

Once you enter with the Tourist Visa it is valid for one month, but you can extend it two times for an additional month.

For that you need to go to the migration office and present the following papers:

– Passport
– your Tourist Visa
– your Travel Insurance
– Stamps (Sellos) in the Value of 25 CUC (You can get them at the banks) – A Voucher from your BnB or Hotel

The Migration Office is in the Vedado at
Street 17 between J and K.
You will have to go to part in the back of the building.
The office is open:
Monday to Friday from 8 a.m- 5 p.m
and on
Thursday and Sunday from 8a.m – 12 a.m


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