discover Cuba as a Vegetarian

Of course a trip to Cuba includes getting to know as many aspects as possible of Cuban culture, including Cuban food.
Cuban food is a mixture of many roots and influences. In the mini guidebook I made, you can find some explanations.
Main dishes in Cuba are usually rice, beans, salad and fish or meat.
But what if you don’t eat meat? How could you still get an idea of Cuban food without conflicts in you vegetarian lifestyle?
And most importantly, how can you survive your trip without starving?
Well, first of all here is great news, Cubans love Pizza and Pasta and especially in Havana there are many Italian restaurants owned by Italian chefs. So there at least you can get pasta and pizza as an alternativ without meat.
When it comes to typical Cuban food, it is a little harder. Although during the last years some restaurants started offering vegetarian alternatives you will still have to look a little to find them. Also, owners of the BnBs learned over the years how to cook delicious meals for vegetarian tourists.
In Viñales there is already a vegetarian restaurant and in Havana there is one at the botanical garden and in the Vedado neighborhood opened a vegan place:
Línea Saludable
Calle 17 No. 407, e/ G y F, Vedado
They offer a great Variety of healthy food and Vegan food like burgers or vegan pizzas.
Anyway here is some basic vocabulary for Veggies and things you can order:
No como carne – I don’t eat meat
Huevos – Eggs
solo arroz y frijoles- just rice and beans
ese plato tiene algo de carne – does this dish contains meat
Me puden preparar algo que no viene con carne? – Could you prepare something without meat
I recommend to ask for eggs with the usual rice and beans variety and you get a really typical dish. That mainly is helpful in small cafeterias. Most people in Cuba can not afford to eat meat everyday and eat eggs instead.
If you need poor tips and addresses of places that offer vegetarian and other food try: “Where to eat in Havana?

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