El Nicho

The Nicho is a Waterfall near Cienfuegos in the Escambray Mountains. It’s a place worth a visit if you go to Cienfuegos.
For 40-45$ a Taxi takes you on the about an hour ride there, waits for you and takes you back.
In the National Park you can take a tour to visit   the waterfalls, you could also walk around on your own.
There are places to swim in fresh and clean water and a point from where you have great view on the valley and the nature.
If you are lucky you can spot the National Bird, the Tocororo, which has the colors of the Cuban flag.
I highly recommend to eat in one of the paladares from the farmers around the Nicho afterwards. The driver will know one.
They cook traditional dishes on a clay oven and make natural juices and serve fresh fruits and vegetables from their farms.
Cooking in a Paladar near el Nicho
The entrance for the national Park cots 9 CUC or 20 CUP, if you are a resident in Cuba.
Also the way there is nice get to know the landscape. Make sure you try guarapo, the sugar cane juice on your way there.

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