Havana Book Fair

If you come to Cuba and Havana in February, you are lucky. Why? Because you get the chance to see the international book fair in Havana and be a part of one of the most beloved events in the City.
Every year the book fair is held at the fortress Morro y Cabaña.
So you also get to see the fortresses. In the part which is called el Morro there is a huge arts and crafts fair at the same time, so also if you don’t speak Spanish you will find something to take home.
In the part of the Cabaña there are several Editorials from Cuba and all over the world presenting their books.
There is also music and a lot to eat, so it’s entertaining even if you don’t like to read or don’t understand the language.
There are buses that are going there from the city center, so it is also easier and cheap to go there. The ride costs one CUP.
I also recommend to buy the tickets in a bookstore before you go to the actual book fair, so you save money and time at the entrance.
You can enjoy the view on Havana from the fortresses and get involved in a special event.
El Morro
Don’t miss it!

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