John Lennon is a legend, I think we can all agree on that. Also I am sure that I there is no need to explain who John Lennon is. But maybe there is a need to explain why John Lennon appears in a Blog about traveling to Cuba.
John Lennon was my neighbor for the last months, well not the real John Lennon, one made out of bronze. He is sitting in a park in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana, in the Street 17, corner to 6. He is sitting there waiting for visitors and he gets a lot of visitors.
But why is he there?
Well the Park was named after John Lennon in 2000, as a tribute to him on the 20. anniversary of his . John Lennon was never in Cuba by the way.
The Beatles and their music didn’t have a great reputation here in the first years of the Revolution. Although they had and still have a lot fans on the island.
To honor the revolutionary spirit of John Lennon Fidel Castro decided to build the staute of Lennon and name the park after him.
Lennon’s bronze replica also wears his famous glasses, well sometimes. Because in the past the glasses were robbed very often there is a person taking care of them and putting them on Lennon’s nose so can take pictures with his visitors.
There is also a club called the yellow submarine, or submarino amarillo. They have life music every day, mostly from rock, pop and reggae groups. At John Lennon’s birthday they have a huge party.
You should stop by and check it out. Besides John Lennon’s presents it’s also a really nice park.
So, Imagine …
Visiting John Lennon on his birthday last year 

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