5 places in Havana with good cocktails


Mojito, Daquiri , Piña Colada and Cuba Libre are Cuba’s most famous cocktails and people love to drink them all over the world. But of course you should have them where they come from, where the limes are fresh and the bartenders don’t try to safe rum and sugar and where the Mojito is actually made with “hierba buena”(good herbs) and not with mink.
Those four drinks are traditional cocktails, like the Cuba Libre, which was born during the second independency war as symbol of US-American and Cuban union. Originally it is made with Coca Cola and Cuban rum.
Here are some great places to enjoy a good Cuban cocktail in Havana.
  1. El Chanchullero
This Bar/ Restaurant in the Old Town of Havana is pretty popular. They have a nice decoration and a terrace on the roof. Sometimes you might have to wait a little to get inside but it’s worth it. They have great Mojitos and Daiquiris and also very good food.
The Mojito currently costs 2CUC. The address is: Teniente Rey No. 457 A bajos, Plaza de Christo, Habana Vieja.
  1. El Hotel Nacional


Although the drinks in garden of the Hotel Nacional are not the cheapest, the location and the history are worth a visit. You could have a Mojito where members of the Mafia and many famous visitors before enjoyed their drinks and the great view from the bar in the garden.
  1. Madrigal
The Bar Madrigal has a big variety of cocktails, beyond the traditional Mojito and Daiquiri you can get all types of cocktails. They also serve variations of the Daiquiri with different fruits. The atmosphere of the bar is very nice and they have live music on weekends. The Mojito costs 2,50 CUC. The address is: Calle 17 No. 809, e/ 2 y 4, Vedado
  1. Mamainé


This Café/ Bar has a really nice atmosphere and a creative decoration. During the day they serve Breakfast and snacks and great coffee. Later the day the place turns into a Bar and the have a great Mojito for 1,95 CUC. The Adress is: Calle L No. 206, e/ 15 y 17, Vedado.
  1. Casa Balear
Ok, it is not the best of all Mojitos but the Bar has definitely one of the cheapest Mojitos in Havana. Besides that it has a nice atmosphere and a lot of young Cubans go there to have a drink and a good time. It is at Calle G esquina 23. The Mojito costs 15 CUP, that’s about 60 cents.
If you want more tipps on where to eat and drink in Havana check out the little guide I Made.

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