The Garage


There are a lot of unique places to discover in Havana, sometimes there are a little bit hidden. You can find the best restaurants in apartment buildings, shops in streets where you would never expect them and cafés and bars in patios of private homes. Usually, those are the best places to discover. One example is the Garage in the neighborhood Vedado.
This place is like a mixture between a museum, antique shop, and souvenir shop. In the garage of a private home, José from Spain opened this weird place. It is all about vintage and old but gold stuff. He collects items from the 50s and older, sometimes he repairs them, so they can be used to decorate homes and restaurants.
The Garage is a place where you can find anything, baseballs from the 1940s signed by teams, that no longer exist, shoes, movie posters, toys, jewelry or Barcadi signs with wholes of gunshots.
Just to see the items it is worth a visit and maybe you find an exceptional piece to take home.
You can find the garage in: Calle 19 e/26 y 28 Vedado.

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