5 Places for watching the sundown in Havana

In Havana you can see spectacular sundowns. An experience the pink light that puts the city and everything in a warmer light. That is the moment when you should head to one of the spots to watch an impressive sundown and make your friends at home jealous with your pictures.
  1. The Malecon
At the fortes La Punta, where the Malecon starts, this is where you get pictures like this. Also it has a nice atmosphere during that time, especially on weekends. You can meet a lot people fishing, taking a bath in the sea or watching the sundown like you.
  1. the Focsa
With a hight of 121 meters, the Focsa is not only the highest building in Havana, but the highest building in whole Cuba. The green building in the Vedado neighborhood, is full of private apartments but has an Restaurant and a Bar on the last floor. I don’t recommend the restaurant so much, but from the bar you also get a spectacular view and you can enjoy an daiquiri or mojito with it. The Focsa is located in 17 and L.
  1. El Penthouse de 17 y K
This is still a little secret. The restaurant is a former penthouse in an apartment building, so don’t be shy and take the elevator to the 6th floor and have a seat on the terrace. They offer great food and drinks and as the place is still not popular you have the chance to be alone and get a private sundown experience. As it’s already in the name the address is 17 y K.
  1. El Christo de la Habana or El Morro
Havana has the second biggest Christ statue in Latin America, after the one in Rio. It’s located at the other side of the bay and can be reached by the ferry from Habana Vieja, or you take a walk from the fortresses Morro y Cabana. By the way from there you can also get a great view on the city and the sundown. If you want you can stay there until 9 p.m to watch the traditional canon shoot, the Cañonazo.
  1. Hotel Ambos Mundos or other hotels
Not so much of a secret but still with a great view are roof top terraces of hotels like the Ambos Mundos, Parque Central or Saratoga in Old Havana. I recommend the view from the Ambos Mundos especially if you like Hemingway that could be something for you. The hotel was the place where Hemingway stayed during his first times in Cuba. His room can still be visited.

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