Some Jazz

In Havana there are a lot things to do. I will tell you some f them in different posts. This post is about music and there is a lot of music in Havana and Cuba. That’s why this article is about just about jazz, but there will be other.
In this post I will list up some Jazz clubs in Havana and restaurants etc. that have live Jazz presentations, not just during the Jazz festival in December.
  1. La Zorra y el Cuervo

la Zorra y el cuervo is one of the most famous Jazz Clubs in Havana.
It is open every night from 10pm until 2 am and has live music every night. There are a lot of concerts of famous jazz musicians as well. The Jazzclub is at La Rampa at 23rd Street between M and O.
I costs 10 CUC but there are two drinks included in the price.
  1. Jazz Café

The Jazz Café is another Jazzclub located in a shopping centre near the seafront, the Malecon. In that Jazzclub there is a 10CUC fee but you may consume the 10 CUC in drinks and food. Usually there play the same Artists as in the Zorra y el Cuervo, also you have a nice view on the Sea from the Café. The Jazz Café is in Galerias Paseo at Paseo and Malecon in the Vedado.
  1. Valdes Jazz

Valdes Jazz is a Restaurant with a big Variety of cocktails and good food. Also it has Jazz music at night. It is a nice decorated place in the vedado as well. That’s the address: Calle E No. 105, e/ 5ta y Calzada, Vedado.
  1. Prado 115

In the Boulevard Prado No. 115 between Genios and Refugio in the Neighborhood Old Havana  there is a nice restaurant/bar with Jazz music on Saturdays. Every Saturday starting at 10 p.m you can enjoy the best of Jazz with your food. 
  1. La Barraquita

If you do not just want to eat and listen to Jazz on Saturdays you can also go the Barraquita on Fridays. That Restaurant has live jazz on Fridays from 8 to 10 pm mixed with Spanish flair and great paella. The restaurant is in: Calle 19 No. 1010 corner to 12 Vedado. 
Of course you can also visit the famous Fabrica de Arte Cubano, there are jazz concerts in the smaller concert room almost every weekend. Enjoy!

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