How to get around?

 If you want to travel to Cuba individually, transportation is an important issue. Do you rent a car? Are you going to hitchhike? Are there busses?
So what is the best and fastest way to travel through Cuba? Here I will give you some advice on transportation for any budget.
  1. Renting a Car

There are several car rentals all around Cuba and you can already reserve a car before you come here. In fact renting the car through the internet before coming to Cuba will safe you money. If you come during peak season (November-March) it’s best to book  the car in advance, because there are not enough cars for the number of tourists.
Prices for renting a car can range from 30$ to 100$.  If you rent a car you have to leave a deposit from 150$ up to 500$, which depends on the car. If you pay by credit card you won’t have to make a deposit!
Just be prepared that most of the streets in Cuba are quite bad and you may have trouble to drive around.

Car rentals for Cuba:

  1. Travel by bus or shared taxi

More than renting a car, I recommend to travel by Bus or “taxi compartido” (shared taxi). There are several bus routes around the country and there are bus lines for locals and for tourists. If you do not a residency you have to take the tourist buses and taxis with permission to travel with foreigners.
The bus line Víazul is working quite well and the buses have air condition. Currently you can also reserve the tickets on the internet in advance. They have reasonable prices and for 3-5$ you can also transport bikes with the buses.
Here you can find the current bus routes and prices:
For Example:
the other possibility is traveling by shared cabs. as with buses there is system of shared taxis for foreigners and for cubans. Again if you are a student or have any other kind of residency you have to take the taxis for tourists Usually you can find them at any bus station that has a Víazul connections. Usually those taxis take a reservation for an other day or just wait until the car fills up. They charge a little more than the busses, normally about 2-5$ more.
The dirrection for the Víazul station in Havana:
  1. direct taxi

There is also the possibility to get taxi just for you. This site has the possibility to reserve them by mail in advance.
Of course you can also contact me and I pass some informations of the drivers I work if.
There will be an separate article about taxis in Havana and their route system.

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