What to pack ?

 Some Things are hard to get in Cuba or are really expensive so I recommend to bring them and safe time and money that you could spend on other things.
Although searching and buying things here might be a interesting  and authentic experience and you should consider that if like to travel adventurous.
But don’t worry, there is always a way to find what you need and if you do not need any special products or are used to travel without luxury you won’t need most of that list.
For the rest of you here is a possible packing list suggestion:


☐Passport valid for 6 months beyond period of stay
☐Tourist Card (or other Visa) (can be ordered online and from the Cuban embassy)
☐Onward or Return Ticket
☐Travel Health Insurance (best is to have an Spanish translation)
☐drivers license
☐credit card (best: Visa, Mastercard)


Cuba is a hot country en general so you won’t need too many clothes. Also most of the BnBs offer to wash clothes and there are cheap laundries.
In summer it rains a lot, so if you come from late June to September bring an umbrella and a raincoat.
In Winter, December to February,  it can get colder than you might think, so bring pullovers and long pants.
For going out to night clubs restaurants and bars, it is recommend to bring long pants and a pair of nice shows, instead of shorts and flip-flops.
here a quick list to check the items off:
☐Raincoat, Umbrella
☐shorts/ skirts/ dresses
☐long pants
☐sandals, flipf-flops
☐a pair of nice shoes
☐Shirts or blouses (to go out at night)
☐socks and underwear

Cosmetics,Hygene etc. 

Cosmetics, shower gel, shampoo etc. may be harder to find and are expensive in Cuba. So you should bring them and don’t bother to get them here.
If you have to, it is best to find them  in big shopping malls, hotels or in the touristic areas, but prepare for higher prices. Some like Toothpaste and soap are easier to get for less.
Anyway here is the list:
☐Toothbrush and toothpaste
☐Shampoo and shower products
☐Razor, anything for shaving
☐if you need disinfection products, gel or spray
☐Spray against mosquitoes


same as cosmetics. There are some products you will not have energy to look for if you feel bad. Most of problems, like stomach aid or diaria you can cure with natural products you can find here like Guava and Malanga.
here are some useful products to bring:
☐Sunscreme and after sun
☐dressing material
☐anti mosquito spray or creme
☐products against fever and cold
☐Imodium etc. for the stomach
☐maybe antibiotic

other useful stuff 

travel adapters
☐notebook and pen
☐gum or sweets
☐pocket knife
☐diving equipment
☐locker if you stay in hostels
☐anything else you find useful
There are some things everybody takes on a trip and find useful share them here if you want.
There are some basic items I did not list because they might be too basic.
If you need anything in Cuba hosts of BnBs and most of the people are willing to help you, so do not mind asking.

Of course you can also get in touch with me anytime.


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