Hey everybody!
Welcome to indie-travel. This Blog is planned to be the digital form of my physical work in Havana.
Last Year I started Indie-Tours (www.indie-tours.com), a little different travel agency. The Idea is showing an authentic Havana to Visitors from all over the world. I do tours around Havana’s typical touristic Hotspots, but also beyond the tourist areas, so people get to know the city in a different way. I explain common and odd things about Cuban culture and everyday life. Usually, tours are by walking and taking public transport to get familiar with normal life in Havana.
The important thing about Indie-Tours is, that the trips can be structured as individual as possible and everybody has their own particular experience.
Now I decided to take my work digital so everybody can enjoy a little something of it. With this blog, I would like to give you tips for your trip, guides and tell odd stories about Havana and Cuba.
I collected questions I get from different Travelers and tried to make useful Posts about them. So everybody can get search on information on Transport, Food, Money, Places to stay, Nightlife etc.
Please feel free to send me all your questions and comments.
Hopefully, you will enjoy

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