How to use Internet in Cuba

I think the first post should be about the internet in Cuba.
Most of you may have heard that Cuba has a unique internet environment, so getting an internet connection is not as normal as it is in other parts of the world.
There is no private internet connection, that means normally people do not have internet at their homes. There is also no mobile internet, just mailing.
But since July 2015 there are public Wi-Fi hotspots in Parks or some Streets. The first Hotspot of this kind was in the Vedado neighborhood at 23rd-Street, that part is called La Rampa. Before that internet could just be used in hotels or internet cafés. Before the opening of the hotspots, the price of one hour of the internet was 4,50$.
Now an hour officially costs 2$.
For using the internet you need or a permanent account, or an internet card. Internet cards you can get from the ETECSA (local telecommunication company) or from people reselling them at the hotspots.
If you buy the cards (tarjeta de internet) from somebody reselling them, they will cost 3$.
With the card, you get a code to connect.
So now you will just have to connect to “Wifi-ETECSA”  open your browser and fill in the login number on your card.
When you are done just turn off the Wi-Fi on your device and you can reuse the time you have left on your card.
That’s it!
Here a little list of Hotspots in the neighborhoods Habana Vieja, Centro Habana, Vedado, and Miramar.
Additional to those hotspots you can use the Wi-Fi connections in hotels.
You can tell from seeing the people with phones, Laptops etc. 😉
Hotspot Directions 
Habana Vieja
Centro Habana
Parque Boulevar San Rafael and Galeano
Parque Trillo (San Rafael y Hospital)
La Rampa ( Calle 23 from L to Malecón)
Parque Línea y M
Parque 15 y 14
Habana Trade center
for hotspots in other neighborhoods



Some things changed in the last months in terms of the internet on the Island.

First of all, there are new Hotspots, like the one at the famous Malécon in Havana, which connects the 8km long seafront to the internet.

Second and most important: There has been a price change! Now one hour of Internet costs 1.50CUC! (Not 2CUC like before) Nacional navigation now costs 0.25CUC an hour.

NOW the Prices went down to 1CUC an hour! There were more parks installed and there are some rumors of mobile internet…


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